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Upside Down Jellyfish?

Okay, I’ve heard of some stranger-looking creatures in my time, but upside down jellyfish?  I mean, talk about going against the flow—these guys have it locked! But is there a point to their existence I’m missing?

Life can be hard enough as it is.  I couldn’t imagine mine spent stuck at the bottom of the ocean—or an aquarium in Chattanooga, TN—trapped in a sea of confusion.  Odd.  Beautiful, but odd.  And speaking of odd, check out this narrow passageway we traipsed through on our visit to Rock City.  Couldn’t have been more than a foot or so wide in some spots.  Is it any wonder it’s known as the “Fat Man’s Squeeze?” 

It’s no wonder my friend’s father snagged himself in between these gems of nature and remained stuck for a good hour.  And he wasn’t hefty by any stretch of the word but this passage isn’t wide by any stretch of definition, either.  Talk about vacation killer, I think that one takes the prize!  

Speaking of prizes, in the very same neighborhood of Chattanooga, deep within the caverns of limestone we found a gorgeous waterfall.  It’s one of the premier attractions called Ruby Falls and for good reason. 

Located hundreds of feet below the surface and half an hour walk into the core of Lookout Mountain, it’s a wonder anyone found it in the first place.  But adventurous souls like Leo Lambert longed for such thrill and while excavating for an elevator shaft, discovered a swift gush of air.  Lo and behold, they found it.

As our guide was explaining to us why we shouldn’t attempt to drink the water from the falls, I chuckled and thought.  Now there’s a logo for some boxers:   “Don’t drink the water at Ruby Falls.”  High content of magnesium.  Trust them when they say you won’t make it to the top in time.

This photo was captured when the lighting from above showered the falls in shades of rich lavender.  My kids were amazed by this extravaganza and threatened to drink said water to which I kindly replied, “Go ahead, pumpkin.  I too would like to see if our tour guide means what she says.”

Children live in a constant state of temptation when it comes to challenging authority, don’t they?  This time it would have served them right, albeit a stinky lesson to be sure.

Ugh.  All in all the kids enjoyed their trek up to the mountains.  Not only fun, it was educational.  I mean, we listened to Gone With The Wind on CD the entire drive north and south.  Is there anything one need know about the Civil War that Margaret Mitchell didn’t capture in that book?

Though I did find myself longing to see Scarlet stop torturing herself so.  “Oh, Scah-let dah-ling…  How do you suh-vive?”

The kids enjoyed hearing Stone Mountain referenced in the story, as well as a few other towns we drove through along the way.  Brought it all to life for them, knowing that the Civil War was carried on in this very part of the country.  From the memorials at Chattanooga to the last standing Atlanta, our journey crisscrossed that of Scarlet O’Hara’s.

Now that’s drama come to life.  As were the high wires and tight ropes they walked at the park, the laser show that danced across the stone carving.  All in all it was a great week.  How about you?  Any summer plans you’d like to share?

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