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Sexy, Not Erotica

With so much available in the way of erotica, I sometimes wonder if there’s a place for middle ground.  Are readers interested in sexy as opposed to sex?  How detailed must the consummation be?  Samantha Rawlings is one sexually liberated woman, that much is certain, but she also enjoys the emotional connection, the pull between personalities.

Sure she and Victor Marin are well-suited physically, but how about mentally, emotionally—even spiritually?

This Sunday, let’s try it with these six sentences from my current release, LUST ON THE ROCKS:

And it touched him, this side of her.  No longer the hard, edgy, tough-minded lawyer, she was the kindhearted compassionate defender of peace.  “I didn’t realize you were such a philosopher.”

“I’m not.  I just do what makes sense and feels right,” she said with a wink as the old Sam returned and pinched his rear.  “Hence, your presence in my home.”


 So what do you think?  Can Vic handle a complex woman like Sam?  Can she maintain her resolve to remain unattached? For a better sense of how these two connect, head on over and read an excerpt!  They’re a powerful combination…

8 thoughts on “Sexy, Not Erotica

  1. Alix says:

    I think sexy is fantastic! Keep writing it, a great six!

    1. dv says:

      Thank you! The next book in this series will follow suit… :)

  2. Like what I see so far. Nice six.

    1. dv says:

      Appreciate it!

  3. Alyssa Fox says:

    I love sexy as well.

    1. dv says:

      Sexy is yummy, isn’t it? :)

  4. jayel kaye says:

    I will always prefer sexy to hard sex. I liked your 6

    1. dv says:

      Thank you. One of my favorite reviews read: “Sexy without being raunchy, romantic without being sappy.” Just the kind of book I LOVE to read! :)

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