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We Have a Winner!!

Thanks to all who stopped by the St. Patrick’s Blog Hop!  I enjoyed all the comments and after hearing all the gorgeous colors, don’t you know I went right out to my flower garden today to primp and prune those babies?  I sure did and it was a beautiful day to do so.  Will share pictures on my garden blog BloominThyme come Monday!

But right now we’re talking winners and congratulations go out to Savannah Miller ~~ woohoo!  Congratulations, Savannah.  I hope when this garden-themed package lands on your doorstep it brings a smile to your face and puts a spring in your step. :)  (Corny I know, but it works for me!)  And you will smell divine with that lotion.

If you didn’t win, don’t dismay.  You’ll have another chance in a few weeks when I host the “Authors in Bloom” blog hop.  Each “stop on the hop” will include a gardening tip and/or recipe — just in time for garden season!!  And the grand prize will be much like this hop:  an ereader and gift card, not to mention more garden goodies from me!

So mark your calendars!  The hop begins April 9th and starts right here.

One thought on “We Have a Winner!!

  1. Savannah Miller says:

    :) Thank you I can’t wait for my garden goodies!!!

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