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Pining Away for Spring

As I gear up for the garden season, I’ve been searching through my photos in an attempt to clear out the old and unwanted from cluttering my computer.  It is that time of year, right?  You rummage through your closet and if you haven’t worn an item in the last 6 – 8 months, you toss it out of your life and into the pile for Goodwill.  Someone will breathe new life into it.  God knows I’ve done the same thing for countless other items!  Crocs, shorts, purses–you name it!  (It’s one of the reasons I have to drop off at the back door, now.)  Can I help it if I’m an excellent bargain shopper?

But in the process of going through these photos, I discovered some really neat ones and just thought I’d share.  For many of you, it may be too cold for these lovelies to flit about your garden.  Not here in Florida!  Though it is a bit rainy today…  A fact my sprouts LOVE.

Caught this little fella a few weeks back, hovering about the broccoli flowers I’m currently drying in an attempt to save seeds.

This gal lost her way and wound up indoors.  My daughter wasted no time adopting it as her own.  Who knows?  She may start a new trend. Ladybug rings, anyone?

This beast is not welcome in my garden OR my yard.  Thankfully he was found in the school garden and not my own.  I’d have dispatched him by now.  The kids?  They love icky stuff like him so we oohed and aahed for a while before pitching him over the fence.  He’ll survive.  Just not on our side.

Happy to say I haven’t seen the likes of this guy in a while.  He gives Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar a run for his money!  Shoot, who are we kidding?  He’ll send that sweet little caterpillar running for the hills.

Gives my tomato sprouts the shivers just thinking about it.  So as not to leave you in the same condition, here are some brighter images!  I love these colors.

Just gazing at them brings a smile to my face.  Actually, something about them makes me think of Hawaii.  I ask you:  What’s not to smile about Hawaii?

And of course it is strawberry season here in Florida.  Delicate and white, this little bloom will soon turn plump and juicy and oh so delicious!

This is a peach blossom.  A friend of mine has her heart set on creating an entirely edible yard and this is but one contribution to the cause.  Pretty.

And these are my blueberry blossoms.  Located outside my actual garden, these are my contribution to an edible landscape.  :)  Unfortunately, I won’t see these babies until March or April.  Until then, I’ll simply have to dream…

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