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Gallery: RT Booklovers Con 2013

Kansas City, MO – May 2013

I had a great time at this convention, meeting new readers, attending workshops. It was my first time and I will definitely be back (despite the snowfall in May!)

Met my assistant, Tiffany. She lives two hours outside of the city so she made the trip over to help me with my book signing and meet face-to-face. She’s AWESOME! And proved indispensable during the book signing. She roamed the rows handing out my Ladd Springs Cornbread recipe cards – much to everyone’s delight – and steered readers to the “V” section.

Where I was ready and waiting!  And next year, the convention will be held in New Orleans…hello food fest!! Definitely looking forward to it. :)   Art in the Garden ~ Book Signing This weekend’s book signing was not held in a book store or a library, but rather a garden.  Considering my debut novel Jennifer’s Garden is largely set in the natural splendor of flowers and fountains, it couldn’t have been more appropriate.

The entire garden was landscaped to perfection and obviously tended by a loving (and skillful) hand.

But what I found most intriguing were the myriad of benches—benches perfect for reading a book.  Does it get any better than beautiful gardens and wonderful books?

These were a few spots that really called out to me.  From flowers to ferns, borders to towering oaks, each and every one beckoned.

And the sitting spots weren’t all that beckoned.  Is this the perfect use for empty wine bottles, or what? in She also had a few metal rings that had been salvaged from wine barrels hanging from the oaks in a moving mid-air display.

Not only are recyclables welcome, but birds.  This line of feeders kinda reminds me of the row housing I lived in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Whereas I only have one at home, she’s got several.  All she needs now is an “Unwelcome” sign for the squirrels.  These feeders are prime targets.  Just below these feeders are red pine cone ginger (look closely at the red flowers along the bottom left).  Talk about cool garden plants, one squeeze of these flowers and a wonderful ginger “serum” comes out that makes the perfect hand lotion.  Needless to say, visitors were delighted.  Beth (homeowner) says you can even use it as a shampoo! I am definitely adding this gem to my home garden.  Now, if only I could get my staghorn fern to mimic this one…

Talk about green thumb–Beth’s rivals that of the Jolly Green Giant!  Believe me, that is EVERY bit as gigantic as it looks.  Incredible.  Simply incredible.