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Gallery: My First Booksigning

Hosted by Cottage Works, a gift store in my hometown, I was delighted by the response to my first book signing.  I must confess, there’s nothing better than connecting with readers and talking romance all while surrounded by beautiful Vera Bradley bags, raspberry lemonade and pastries.  *sigh* Thanks to Peggy, owner of Cottage Works, for hosting this wonderful event!  She did a fabulous job in both presentation and efficiency and the staff was equally superb.  Thank you one and all.  We had a few giveaways on hand, one being a copy of my next novel LUST ON THE ROCKS.  Congratulations Loretta Dolrymple!  Also up for grabs was an adorable garden bag for kids, chocked full with garden tools, gloves, custom seed packets and rosemary lemonade recipe card.  Big winner here was Manya Barnett ~~ way to go!

But this event was the brain child of this wonderful lady.  Susan read JENNIFER’S GARDEN — loved it — and insisted we have a book signing!  Smart lady. :) Wondering about the surprise?  She’s standing next to Susan!  Yep, that’s Miss America’s Teen.  She and her mother and sister came by in a show of support.  No, she doesn’t read my novels (they’re adults only)—she’s the daughter of a friend of mine, the good friend of my younger sister Skye and one of my children’s favorite babysitters!  She and her gorgeous sister Mary Katharine, that is (shown below with owner, Peggy). It really was a great day and I’m pleased with the turnout.  No, I didn’t break any sales records.  More important, I had the opportunity to connect with readers and at the end of the day, I’m nothing without them.  Yes, my daughter will read my novels, one day, when she’s old enough and if not?  Doesn’t matter.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing them.

Remember:  this is the job where I get to say, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”  This is the job where I can sit at my computer and blow eight hours (school day!) without even blinking.  This is the job that will carry me forward when my children grow up and off to college, lives of their own… Yes, this is a job I love.  While stay-at-home-mother is my primary title and most cherished position, I do have back burners turned on HIGH.  Granted they are secondary to my job as “Mom,” but these “books of my heart” are important nonetheless. As you know, women are masters of multi-tasking.  We are multi-dimensional creatures of great depth, crazy non-stop brain activity and we know the difference between simmer, sultry and sizzle.  Of course we have room for back burner projects.  We cook dinner, don’t we? We do.  Unless we have the good fortune to be married to a chef (whereby I envy you) we do!