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Condemn Me Not

Announcing the release of my women’s fiction novel, Condemn Me Not

The words no mother wants to say, and every mother yearns to hear.

Bound by friendship, two women find themselves at common crossroads, struggling with choices both past and present, career and home. 

Simone Sheridan and Claire Atkins have been friends since college. Upon graduation, they took off in different directions, forging separate paths through motherhood. Neither planned to look back on the road they traveled with regret—yet that’s exactly what’s at stake when their daughters issue opposing proclamations with regard to college. 

Both mothers battle the news, but soon come to learn they must change course, or lose the sacred relationship between mother and daughter. But change is not an easy task when Simone and Claire unexpectedly find themselves staring down their choices, confronted by the same question:  Where did I go wrong

This one is still about the women, their issues, but without the romance.  The debate is an old one, but undeniably continues to burn hot.  And why? Is the sisterhood broken?  Have we taken sides, drawn lines in the sand?

Every woman has an opinion on this subject and most believe theirs is the right.  Can this be?

It’s an age-old debate, but Condemn Me Not will surely stoke the flames of discussion.  A good thing!  No kids?  A piece of someone you know will leap from these pages… 

Available exclusively from Amazon, for a limited time only!

One thought on “Condemn Me Not

  1. Heather! says:

    This looks/sounds like a great read!

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