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Are you a Bloomin’ Warrior?

These are women who love romance, believe in happily ever after, but are savvy enough to understand that it doesn’t happen overnight.  Personal growth takes time.  We have lessons to learn, wisdom to share, and these are the woman of my romantic fiction novels.

“Given the proper care and feeding, a woman will bloom in time; her own sweet time!”

Why the garden analogies?  Because I LOVE my organic garden–but also because in spending time between the rows, I’ve learned to reflect on life in the most simple of terms.  We plant a seed, we give it the proper care and feeding and watch with awe as it matures into the most amazing produce. I realize “awe” may be a strong word for some of you experts out there but for me, every potato, onion, squash and tomato is a hard-won victory to be celebrated!  Between Jack Frost and Mother Nature, I never know what to expect.  He’s a tad harsh while her sense of humor can run a bit dry at times, if you know what I mean.

But I digress.  Like my fruits and vegetables, my flowers and herbs, women mature at varying rates.  They come in all sizes and shapes, colors and scents.  Some sway in the breeze while others tuck themselves away in the quiet of shade. Yet no matter how you slice them, women share common challenges.  We carry the children, hold the emotional power, and despite the fact that we work outside of the home, we remain primary caregivers to our children in the home as well.

These are but a few issues I tackle in the Jennifer’s Garden series and stand-alone women’s fiction, Condemn Me Not. (There are no shrinking violets in these novels!)  My heroines handle the issues in their own way, on their own terms, and in their own sweet time. Same goes for the women of Ladd Springs and Silver Creek.

But NONE of it happens without you, the reader.  So Team Bloomin’ Warrior was started as a way for me to give back to you, and a way for you to help spread the word.  Members will receive a free Bloomin’ Warrior T-shirt (my tag line runs across the back), sneak peek at my books before anyone else, as well as promotional items like recipe cards from my garden, garden tips & seed saving packets (just to name a few!).  And as an added thank you, you’ll also receive special discounts on my novels and short stories as they release, plus unique gifts throughout the year.

So what do you say? Join Team Bloomin’ Warrior today and help me spread the word about my novels!  Simply enter your email in the “Be the first to know!” box located on the upper right hand sidebar and then watch your email inbox for FULL details. :)