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2012--Here I Come!

And we’re not talking slow motion here!  We’re talking dynamo with speed and determination, a keen sense of direction and a force to be reckoned!  Hopefully this won’t be in the form of some out of control snowball barreling down the mountain side, because I have plans—BIG plans!  And I need to be focused.

First item on the agenda?  Yes, like many of you, I need to whip my body back into shape.  I have somewhat of an indulgent personality when it comes to good food and with the holidays filled with the stuff, well…  You can imagine my predicament.  Not to mention I’m getting older and the pounds don’t drop off as easily as they once did—thank you Mother Nature!  My joints haven’t aged much better, something I attribute to years of jogging, snow-boarding and water-skiing (more specifically, the wipeouts of latter two).  Me? I plan to glue my fanny to a stationary exercise bike. 

Which will come in handy with resolution number two.  You see, as an indie author I’m finding a real tug of war between time for my writing and time for my marketing.  Both are important, yet with only so many hours in the day, I need to limit “the when and the where” of each.  For example, when I write, I need blocks of time.  And a story board, piles of reference notes, a glass of water, sometimes a bit of mood music…

But answering email and engaging in social media can be slipped in almost anywhere!  In the car during the pickup line, during the kids’ sports practice, , on my exercise bike, while the roast is cooking…

And speaking of food, dinner is key to a family’s happiness but something I tend to forget on a daily basis.  Remember?  I’m writing and marketing all day and have no time for food!  But I must make time, else my family up and revolt.  So this year, the menu will be planned and shopped for on Sunday and posted prominently in the pantry.  Next time anyone asks, “Hey Mom–what’s for dinner?”  I won’t have to return a look of total and utter shock.  “Dinner?”

I also plan to master the art of tomatoes this year, not only in growth but sauce and storage, too.  Same goes for my Hungarian Wax peppers.  I’m an Italian now, and Italians like their sauce and peppers.  And they like them on everything from pasta to pizza—which reminds me.  Add pizza crust to the list of tasks to master in 2012. :)  I mean, pizza pie is as Italian as apple pie is American!

YUM.  Wow, let the party begin!  From here on out, you can find me in the productivity line!  So how about you?  Where will we find YOU this year?

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